This is my first blog post (yay!) and you’re reading it (double yay). Thank you so much for visiting my blog. It isn’t much yet, but I am hoping it will be. Before you keep reading you should visit the “Start Here” page to learn a little more about me and what you can expect from Doodle + Denim.

So, hopefully you have taken my advice and now know what this blog will consist of. You’re probably wondering why I named a life and style blog Doodle and Denim. Well, this was a very difficult decision and, again, the difficulty stemmed from every thing I read about how to name a blog. Everything said to give your blog a name that clearly represents your niche (and if you read the “Start Here” page, you’ll know I don’t have one.)

I pondered the name for about a month, prolonging the launch of my blog, because I was trying to follow the rules of blogging. However, I decided to choose something that was cute, catchy, and consisted of things I loved – my dog, Dixie, and denim jeans. (Yes, I know doodle is not my dog’s name but it is her #1 nickname.)


I mean, is she not the cutest?

P.S. You can follow her on Instagram @dixie_thecockapoo

Now that you know the background behind Doodle + Denim and you know what to expect in future posts I hope that you subscribe, follow the blog, and keep stopping by.



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