Saturday’s Down South

         Football season is upon us & most college football teams will kickoff their 2016-2017 season tomorrow – including Alabama. And if you know anything about Alabama, you know what a big deal Crimson Tide football is. If you know anything else about Alabama, you know what a big deal game day outfits are.
         Now, I can’t speak for all universities, but Saturday’s in the south (at least at UA) call for your game day best. I mean, if you’re team is winning, your outfit game should be winning too, right? On home game days you’ll find Tuscaloosa has been flooded with fans and The Quad is booming with tailgaters. You’ll see people sporting houndstooth, the script A, and anything crimson and white.
         However, the girls take it up a notch. They will be in dresses, rompers, or skirts walking around in wedges or cowboy boots. You usually won’t see someone without a shaker in hand (or stuck down in their boot) or a button on that yells “Rammer Jammer,” suggest to beat the opposing team, or tells everyone that their sorority loves the tide.
         Sadly, I am not attending the Alabama – USC game in Texas this weekend, so instead I pieced together a virtual game day outfit (thanks Polyvore). Now, by no means am I a fashionista, but I do know that high-waisted button front denim skirts are “in” and I am liking it! So that was my starting point with this outfit. I also pieced it with a crimson tank – because we all know it is still hot – and a black wrap around choker (style really is taking a trip back to the 90’s). Again, no UA game day outfit is complete without a button or shaker, so I had to throw those pieces in too.
Game Day


Enjoy & Roll Tide! Let me know what your favorite game day pieces are in the comments below!

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