DIY: Fall Painted Mug

When I need to get away from the stressors in my life I take a break for crafting. Putting all of my focus into a project really helps to clear my head. So, after my American Lit midterm yesterday I rummaged through my craft box to find something to spend my evening on. I came upon a white mug I had planned on painting once before but never got around to it.

I pulled out the mug, paint, and some brushes and started thinking of what to paint. I knew it had to be fall related (of course) and thought since the leaves hadn’t changed or started to fall yet, I would just paint them on my mug. By no means am I an artist, but I think it turned out pretty cute.

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I love the personalized detail in the initials carving in the bark.

I got so into the project that I didn’t take step by step photos, but here’s how to make your own.

What you’ll need:

View of Supplies needed for DIY Fall Painted Mug

The steps:

  1. Clean your mug with dish soap and remove all oils and residue with a rubbing alcohol saturated cotton ball.
  2. Put drops of paint on a paper plate or paper towel – you won’t need much.
    • I mixed a bit of black with the brown I had because the brown was just a bit too light.
  3. Start by painting the trunk of the trees. Here is where you can start getting creative: add the branches where you want and add in the bark detail.
    • I painted carved initials in the bark for a little sweet sentiment. Customize this for yourself or do something a little different – thats the benefit to a DIY project.
  4. Let that dry and add another coat.
  5. Now add the leaves. Add them onto the branches, in a pile on the ground, and falling in between.
    • I used the end of my paintbrush to make bigger dots and then flipped it around to make some smaller dots.
  6. To cure your mug you can either let it sit for 21 days or let it dry for 1 hour, put it in a cool oven, bake at 350 for 30 minutes, and let it cool down with the oven. At this point the mug should be top-rack dishwasher safe, but I would recommend hand washing for longer lasting designs.

Making your own? Have fun, be creative, and show me how it turns out! Want to save this for later? Pin it with the photo below!



Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

P.S. This is what I was drinking – oh so yummy!


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2 thoughts on “DIY: Fall Painted Mug

  1. Mindy says:

    The step by step guide was priceless for me since I am not especially creative. I think your mug turned out perfect!!!
    Also anything Starbucks brings out your inner Martha Stewart 😉


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