What’s in My Purse


I think you can tell a lot about a woman by the type of purse she carries. If she carries a clutch she is probably really put together and doesn’t need the extra room for a Tide-to-Go pen or a hairbrush because she will stay looking flawless. If her bag is a backpack she is most likely super trendy and has a job that requires her to bring her laptop to work. If the satchel is her go-to, she may be running from the gym to work and constantly digging to the bottom to find her keys – but she always has everything one could need. If she flaunts a modern briefcase, there is a big chance she is professional and inspires you to get your own life together.

Now for the inside, I don’t suggest you digging through a woman’s purse but if she is willing I am sure you could find out even more about her. Here’s what is inside my purse. .


I always have my emergency bag that includes medicine to cure headaches, stomach aches, or an allergy flare up. A mini hairbrush, hair spray, and a hair tie always come in handy along with germ-x, a tampon, mini toothbrushes (that don’t require water), oil blotters, and a jewelry repair kit. All of this stays in a smaller bag to keep it together and easy to find without digging through my entire purse.


In a small side zip pocket I keep my lipstick, lip gloss, liner, a compact mirror, and a bottle of perfume. I like to keep those together and easily accessible for quick touch-ups. Depending on where I am going I will occasionally add a mini makeup brush and powder.

I can’t stand my hair in my face for a long time, so I always have a clip handy for pulling it back. My purse always has dog treats to keep Dixie happy if need be, my mini MK wallet for all my gift cards and things, and a pen and my notebook for writing down blog posts whenever inspiration may strike.

I also always carry my clutch wallet in my purse. It is so fabulous because I can leave the chain inside the clutch and throw it in my purse, or pull out the chain and carry it on its own. I don’t think I could ever get another wallet that isn’t versatile like this one.


I will occasionally throw a snack or a book in my purse depending on where I am going. What is always in your purse? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “What’s in My Purse

  1. Mindy Fedunok says:

    Not surprised that you keep a well organized purse including a small grab and go if need be!! Your purse is very functional and love the dog treats!! People have teased me since I was a young girl that I’m weird about my purse lol. It’s like an extension of my being and packed with everything but the kitchen sink. 😂


      • Mindy Fedunok says:

        I did LOVE it so much!! Clearly if they are organized and punctual. If they have a possibly lip stick or pen “sickness” lol or as simple as Kleenex may indicate seasonal allergies. You can also tell if they are trendy, techy or tacky!! 🙃 my pet peeve in watching someone riffle thru their bag and grab some dirty crinkled up money. Ugh!!!!


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