February Feelings

February is the month of love. Some find it romantic; others find it overrated. I am more on the romantic side. But you can’t blame me because my February starts off with one of the most love-filled days of the year: our anniversary. This year Ben and I are celebrating six years together – crazy, I know!

I am also a sucker for Valentine’s Day. Elementary classroom parties are what drew me in! Who doesn’t love getting your best friend’s mom’s cookies and cupcakes and a mini mailbox full of sweet valentines from all of your classmates? Any reason for being showered with flowers, chocolates, loving cards, and sweets has my vote. I have always loved Valentine’s Day so starting off the month with our anniversary just makes me crave the colors of love, desserts, and everything to do with Valentine’s Day.

Needless to say, I have February feelings that inspired this mood board:

February Mood Board.png


P.S. Celebrating half a dozen years together is difficult when you’re 300 miles away. So, what did I do? I worked with little magic fairies to have half a dozen donuts delivered to Ben’s doorstep just in time for his pre-8 AM class breakfast!

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