Bits and Pieces

TGIF – seriously. This past week has been jam packed with two sorority events, three exams, and two projects due. Today is the first day in since this semester started that I have had no obligations – no class, no work, and nothing I had to do! So I decided today was a day for myself; here are some bits and pieces of it. (You may not care at all what I did all day today, but if you want to look at some cute coffee mugs and the perfect dollop of whipped cream please continue).


I started the off by attending a 6 AM kickboxing class followed by a trip to the dog park with Dixie. After I dropped Dixie back off at home, I decided to go read my current indulgence at my favorite Tuscaloosa coffee shop – Heritage House. However, I decided to visit their riverfront location for the first time and it didn’t disappoint! With natural light pouring in (and incredible interior design) it was the perfect place to read a while.

I tried the Sugar Daddy in a mug I got to chose from their “Mug Wall.” (They created this mug wall – full of mugs from around the world – to cut down on paper waste. You can even donate your own mugs to adorn the mug wall). I highly recommend you try the Sugar Daddy if you like espresso drinks and caramel. Even if you don’t, order it for the whipped cream. I also got their Bacon, Egg, and Cheese croissant. I can never pass it up! It may be because it is so good or because it always comes on such a cute plate. They also have cute gifts and things that you can buy including their own HH Coffee Mug  and beautiful antique china sets.

Overall, it has been such a relaxing “me” day. Never forget to take time for yourself – and definitely never feel bad about it. Thanks for reading and have a fabulous weekend.

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