Being a #GIRLGANG Intern

Many of you know that I began searching for the perfect summer internship back in August of last year. I kept an open mind when it came to company and location. So, between then and early 2017 I was applying for nearly every internship I found. (And, I kept them all organized with my internship tracking worksheet which you can find here.)

After months of rewriting cover letters, tweaking my resume, filling out applications, and ultimately being rejected multiple times, my spirits were crushed. I had decided I was going to end up spending the summer back at home and was coming to terms with that.

However, in March I stumbled upon this Instagram post:

The crazy thing is, I didn’t even follow @riffraffHQ at the time. I somehow ended up on the page through the @shopriffraff account. #proinstastalker

I immediately started working on my application. It asked me questions like who my favorite 90’s singer was (Britney Spears) and who my ultimate boy crush was (Justin Timberlake) and that immediately made me realize just how awesome these girls seemed to be. I finished up my application and I got it in right before the deadline. I was ecstatic when I got the email asking to set up a time for an interview.

After the interview I was on the phone with my mom telling her all about it when I got the email saying that I was being offered the #GIRLGANG internship! I responded as fast as I could – not caring at all how anxious I seemed – and accepted.

After only 2 weeks as a part of the incredible #GIRLGANG that is the brains and power behind Riffraff, I am certain that accepting this position has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Being a #GIRLGANG intern I have been working in the most inspirational and fun environment full of friendly, hard-working women. It has been an incredible experience thus far, I can truly see myself thriving at Riffraff, and am excited to see what this summer and the future has in store.

Until next time. . .


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