Planning my bridesmaids ‘proposal’ has been one of the most exciting things I have ever done! It was one of the only things wedding related I could plan while still in school (I wanted to focus on school until after graduation).

Everyone’s gift came in a photo box adorned with their first initial and a silver sage ribbon. They each got this adorable card, a coffee and raspberry macaroon from Edgar’s Bakery (a Tuscaloosa bakery), and a unique gift. I wanted their gifts to be practical, personal, and something they could keep forever. I put a lot of thought into each gift, and it paid off – they each said yes!

Amanda was the first I got to ask! I was just lucky enough that I was able to stop and see her while driving through on my way to Fayetteville to train for my new job. Amanda has been my best friend (more like a sister) since sixth grade. We were inseparable throughout high school and still are the best of friends while hundreds of miles apart. I couldn’t imagine my day without her!

Amanda’s gift was a ‘scribble’ of her handsome dog Chief that I got made by Sav who I met at Riffraff this summer. She takes any photo, scribbles over it on her iPad, and calls her little creations ‘Scribbles by Sav.’ (Go check out her work here!)

Jordan also got a ‘Scribbles by Sav‘ of her sweet golden retriever, Alex. I asked Jordan to be a bridesmaid while on a dinner date at Taco Mama (one of the best places I could think to do this other than Gallette’s). Jordan and I met in Zeta, and have become the best of friends. She is on of the most kind, supportive, and encouraging friends I have ever had and I know she will make a wonderful bridesmaid.

Danielle and I met in class at UA, and worked on a group project together. We immediately clicked and became great friends. We share a love for fashion, tea, and weddings. She is such a sweet girl and took a wedding planning class with me the past semester. We talked so much about my future wedding (at this time it was still imaginary) and I knew she would make a fabulous bridesmaid and forever friend.

Oh, Shelby! Shelby and I both rushed Zeta and met on the retreat. We found out that we lived on the same floor in Tut, and that made it easy for us to walk together to the house daily. So, we quickly became friends. The next year we lived together and have lived together since then. Now we are engaged AT THE SAME TIME. So I got her this adorable ring dish from Riffraff Fayetteville to put her beautiful heirloom engagement ring in.

My Matron of Honor is my beautiful sister, Mindy. Mindy earns this honor easily. She is the best sister a girl could ever ask for. Mindy supports me in everything that I do (she even funds Doodle + Denim), she gives the best advice, and she loves me unconditionally. My sister and I love to spend way too much on scratch off lottery tickets any time we are together. So, I found this fake lottery ticket and this custom stamped penny keychain that is stamped with the words “sis since” on a 1996 penny. The ticket is rigged to win, and the prize box says, “Will you be my Maton of Honor?” How perfect was that?!

I am beyond lucky to have these girls as friends and as a part of my bridal party! I can’t wait for the wedding planning process to begin!

Photo boxes + ‘D’ mug| Hobby Lobby

Card printable | Something Turquoise

Macaroons | Edgar’s Bakery

Dog ‘scribbles’ | Scribbles by Sav

‘OMG’ ring dish | Riffraff Fayetteville

‘Will you be my Matron of Honor?’ lottery ticket | Etsy, My Scratch Offs

‘Sis Since’ penny keychain | Etsy, Rustic Midwest Charm

3 thoughts on “Bridesbabes

  1. The stories behind each of these is wonderful!
    I am beyond excited to be such an integral part of your fabulous journey… I tried to add a picture of my special box and it wouldn’t allow me. Lol
    I love you beyond words and having this honor means the world to me!! I cannot wait to get to planning your shower and Bride to Be activities with your lovely bridesmaids!!! ❤️❤️


    1. I totally forgot I had this post scheduled in the craziness of moving and I forgot to add the photos of you and your special box! Check it out now – I added them!

      I am so lucky to have you as my MOH! xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

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