Get Glowing

I don’t have perfect skin by any means. I get a monthly breakout on my chin that begins deep under the skin and slowly moves toward the surface. By the time I finally get the evidence to disappear, the next round of monthly pimples arrives. My cheeks are often red and lead to a very uneven skin tone, and I typically have a hint of dark circles under my eyes.

Therefore, I have tried to develop a skincare routine to get healthy, smooth, even, glowing skin. The biggest obstacle I have run into is, of course, price. My current skincare routine is always evolving as I try new things, and it can be described as a skincare routine for a 20-something year old on a budget who has normal – not oily or dry – skin with occasional breakouts.


I wash my face with Fresh Soy Face Cleanserand I follow up with Mario Badescu aloe, cucumber, and green tea facial sprayI apply Aveeno CC Cream which is a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. Typically, I don’t use any makeup other than mascara, brow tint, and lipstick on a daily basis.


I shower at night, and I usually start my shower steamy to open up my pores. However, I try not to keep it too hot to prevent drying out my skin. While in the shower I use the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser once again. After washing my face, I turn on the cold water to shock my skin and close my pores back up. When I get out of the shower I spray the same Mario Badescu facial spray that I use in the morning. Once that dries, I apply a moisturizer to my face and neck. The Estee Edit Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack is my favorite I have ever tried, but I my sample container has ran out and I can’t seem to find it anywhere else. My also like Fresh Vitamin Nectar Moisture Glow Face CreamI end my nighttime routine with a night time lip balm.


Two to three times a week I exfoliate my face while in the shower. I am currently using a light exfoliator from Burt’s Bees.

I like to do a face mask at least once a week, preferably twice a week. I try to do a deep pore cleansing, peel-off mask and a hydrating mask. Typically, I like purchasing individual, one-time-use masks just to keep a wide variety to choose from depending on what I feel like my skin needs. I really love the Karuna Hydrating+ Face Mask.


The most important thing I do is try not to touch the breakout area. Popping a pimple only breaks the skin, creates a scab, and leaves a scar. I usually rub ice on the area multiple times throughout the day to reduce the swelling and redness. Lately, I have been applying a small amount of honey, covering it with a band-aid, and sleeping with it. This is not an overnight remedy, but it slowly diminishes the breakout after a few nights. I know that there are drying serums and other products that help to diminish a break out, but honey is easier on the budget.


I try to drink the recommended amount of water each day to “plump” my skin to lessen the appearance of any fine lines and pores. I never exercise with makeup on. When you exercise and get hot, your pores open to release heat and sweat. If you have makeup on, it mixes with oil and perspiration, clogs your pores, hinders your skins ability to breath, and can lead to breakouts, black heads, and skin irritations. Be sure to keep makeup wipes to your gym bag and wipe it off before starting your workout. I usually keep makeup wipes in my bag to wipe off the sweat and dirt immediately after my workout, too. Another way I keep clean-ish skin is by sleeping on a silk pillowcase. The benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase include retaining moisture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and reducing the appearance pimples and blackheads.

My skincare routine is not really where I want it to be. I would like to add an eye cream / serum to the product mix. So, if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments below.

*This post includes links to some of my products in my current skincare routine. These links are associated with where I personally purchase my products.